Chartucky Holloween Costumes

Wonder Woman

Elvis (He Didn't Really Die, Just Went to Chartucky!)

Retired Hooters Girls

Sheep Guy


And Now, The Best Costume Ever!

Redneck Stuff

Redneck Boat

Redneck Highrise

Redneck Yacht

Redneck Motorhome

Redneck Swimming Pool

Redneck Deer Stand

Redneck Horseshoes

How Rednecks Handle Snow

The One Question Every Redneck Man Hates to Hear.

What Happens When Redneck Women Drink Too Much Water

Redneck Breast Exam

One of Chartucky's Finest

Redneck House Alarm

Redneck Car Alarm

Redneck SUV

Redneck Windchime

Our Finest City Workers in Action

What Happens when a Redneck Gets a Flyin' License

Redneck Space Shuttle

How Redneck Women Park

Paris France

Paris Chartucky

It's Springtime in Chartucky When Chartucky Women Show Their Belly Button

What Happens When Chartucky Tan Too Much!

Redneck Pacifer

Redneck Airline

Redneck Gingerbread House

This Fish is From in Front of My House!

And Finally, How We Really Feel

Swing Set for Osama!

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